Parfin MPC Custody

Secure digital asset custody powered by MPC technology

The Parfin MPC Custody was built from the ground up to provide the most secure Advanced MPC custody solution in the market. Choose between SaaS, Hybrid or On-premises installations to bring your operations to the next level of security and reliability.

Parfin | Parfin MPC Custody

No private key: we use distributed 'key shares' to significantly reduce the risks of loss and theft

Parfin | MPC
Parfin | Security

Cloud-based architecture with 24/7 monitoring, multi-cloud and multi-entity distributed MPC nodes, HSM data encryption and more


Supports major blockchains, tokens and DeFi protocols
New protocols are added continually

Parfin | Coins

Main Features

Institutional MPC custody solution

SOC2 Certified by Ernst & Young

Advanced MPC signing algorithms

Crypto primitives validated by NCC Group

Regular Penetration Testing

SaaS, Hybrid & On-prem options

Theft coverage for warm wallet funds

Compliant with the latest regulations (KYT, travel rules etc.)

Disaster recovery backup solution

Institutional DeFi Support

Customizable wallet policies

Multiple user roles with varying levels of access and control

Integrated KYT (Know Your Transaction) tool

Encryption of all sensitive data

Use via the web interface of APIs