About Us

We are enabling a more efficient and fair financial system

Our Story

Parfin is headquartered in London and Rio de Janeiro and was founded in 2019 by Marcos, Alex, and Cristian.

The trio of South American entrepreneurs had complementary backgrounds ranging from finance to blockchain and software development. They shared a belief: that digital assets would revolutionize the world in a similar way to what the internet had done in the ’90s.

What they saw was nothing short of an upcoming paradigm shift, but institutions lacked the products and solutions to support this transition, and so, Parfin was born.

Parfin’s mission is to enable institutional adoption of digital asset technologies and help create a more efficient and fair financial system.

The Parfin Platform, that powers all of its products and solutions, combines the best aspects of traditional finance with the efficiency gains and new opportunities offered by digital assets.

Our Founders

Parfin | CTO | Alex Buelau

Alex Buelau Chief Technology Officer

Parfin | CEO | Marcos Viriato

Marcos Viriato Chief Executive Officer

Parfin | CFO & CPO | Cristian Bohn

Cristian Bohn Chief Product Officer


Our Presence

United Kingdom

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Parfin Partner | Valor
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