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We serve institutional players that operate and manage digital assets and currencies across multiple trading venues, custodians and banks.

Asset Managers


Improve operational control and counter-party management so that you can focus on scaling your operations. 

Trading Desks

Increase operational agility of operating digital assets and currencies in order maximize the value of your trading strategies.

Financial Institutions

Enhance KYC & AML standards and operational efficiency of your clients operating digital assets. 



An online platform that enables institutional players to consolidate asset positions across multiple counterparties and transfer digital assets and currencies between them. 

API connected counterparties

Secure private and API keys

Counterparty whitelisting

Custom governance 



OTC desks



Easy to use

Delivering the best in class user
experience and automation to
manage and operate digital
assets and currencies.


Creating a secure environment for keys based on leading multi party computing (MPC) technology and customizable security policy workflows.


Improving efficiency of capital
allocation through a platform that integrates exchanges, OTC desks, custodians and banks.



We are a London-based FinTech company that is building the services and infrastructure needed to unlock the digital asset revolution. We apply our deep financial markets and technology expertise to the new frontier of digital assets. 

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Combining deep expertise in financial markets and technology.

Marcos Viriato

Co-Founder & CEO

James Farha

Co-Founder & CLO

Cristian Bohn

Co-Founder, CFO & CPO

Alex Buelau

Co-Founder & CTO

Lucas Lemos

Co-Founder & COO

Guilherme Horn



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